Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Your wedding is the only day that comes once in a lifetime where you tie a knot with the one you love. This special moment should be memorable and top-notch too so that you can cherish those moments for the rest of your life 

As the day itself is a memorable and only day that is why they are expensive as this day won’t come back in life so one is precise with the 

  1. Venue
  2. Food
  3. Clothes 
  4. Decorations
  5. DJ
  6. Band 

And the list continues in never-ending things.    

Now, you wonder why wedding photography is expensive. Of course with all this chaos going on you, need someone to cover the beautiful day of your life.                                                                                                                                                 

We The Snap Photo, the best wedding photographer in Surat are delivering you this blog to answer the above question. 


The amount of time a wedding photographer spends covering a wedding, factors into why wedding photography costs so much. 

The time spent capturing those beautiful moments can be diverse in different categories: 

  • Client meetings
  • Pre-wedding day preparation
  • The wedding day 
  • The editing.

Client Meetings

Client meeting is more than just an interview with the bride and groom. It helps a photographer to understand the ideology, get to know about their taste and preference they want in their wedding shoot.

Other than that to see that the couple are fit for each other or not, Subsequent meetings will be held between you all to discuss about the plan and timeline of the wedding day.  

Wedding Day

The factor like drive time for the photographer to reach the venue, How long will be the wedding day can be related to the charge of the photographer directly. It is common for photographers to travel 2-3 hours one way from their hometown to reach the venue to cover the wedding. We the team of Snap Photo are the best photo studio in Surat. We will fly across the country or even overseas for capturing the beautiful moments of your life. Travel time is directly proportionate with the photographer’s cost of doing business. If a second photographer is involved, the cost of that person is also involved for the same. 


Your wedding photographer’s gear is probably one of the biggest reasons why wedding photography costs so much.

A wedding photographer will carry more than one camera body to work with so that they can reduce the wastage of time they have to spend switching between lenses at crucial moments like the first kiss. 

Also, so they have a backup camera if the worst-case scenario happens and the camera stops working. They will have a set of 3 lenses in their camera bag for various looks and aesthetics. 

One lens to take photos from far away 

Second lens for super close-up detail shots  

Third lens for more general photos. 

If the photographer is experienced he/she will carry more lenses.

A wedding photographer will also have:

  • flashes
  • spare batteries 
  • memory cards
  • lens filters to protect their lenses. 

The cost of all these items together runs into tens of thousands of dollars.

Why The Snap Photo?

We strive for perfection every time and our work and experience do the talking. We work as per our client’s budget and deliver them the results just like they thought about their wedding photography in Surat. 

As mentioned, we have successfully covered shoots not just only in Surat but different parts of India and International places too. Making us in providing the best wedding photography service in Surat

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