Best Place for Pre-Wedding Shoot in Surat

Best place for pre-wedding shoot in Surat

We know that you are really busy because it is such a hectic schedule during your wedding dealing with confusions and indecisive scenarios. You wish for everything to be the best as it is your big day and today in this blog we are discussing the best place for a wedding photoshoot in Surat.

Considering all the preparation work, your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot is the first step. So, you check onto the

  • Outfits
  • Sunset points
  • Story
  • romance & all the other fancies.

Pre-Wedding Photography is the most trendy step for couples these days. With countless ideas to showcase the love chemistry between the couple, the top wedding photographers in Surat are going through with fine-tooth comb to bring out the best in the couple.

Surat- the city of sun, is a great city to explore and look out for the most peaceful and calm atmosphere with certain places for pre-wedding photography locations.

Here is the list of 5 breathtaking & best photography location in surat


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An urban beach along the Arabian Sea is situated near the village of Suvali in the Hazira suburb of Surat.

If you are a beach lover, and if that encourages you to pose near the beautiful blues of seas, Suvali Beach will give you all the vibes you have been craving for.


Best Place for Pre-Wedding Shoot in Surat 

The aesthetic Santorini of Greece or the classic Streets of London or even the Miami Beach, Pixocity have it all in one place. With more than 40 sets, they are India’s Largest Shoot Location.

They offer you a variety of sets which is a heavenly place for every photographer and cinematographer.


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A perfect place for every photographer and natural beauty devotee will love. You can find Streams and rivers, hills and mountains, jungles and forests, awe-people and culture, trees and greeneries, vibrant sunrise and sunset.

Waghai Botanical Garden, Mahal Campsite, and Girmal Falls are one of the evergreen places of all seasons


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Saputara lies on National Highway 953 which connects to Songadh in Gujarat and Pimpalgaon Baswant in Maharashtra.

Saputara is a small yet unique destination in Gujarat. It is considered to be the most popular hill station in the state.

Saputara’s known for its verdant green forests and enchanting waterfalls, the beautiful sunrise and sunset. It is an extraordinary place for those who wish to get clicked with their loved ones.


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Dutch Cemetery Katargam in Surat is as quiet as a cemetery is supposed to be. Old and historical place.

A perfect spot for the old architecture and lovers of royalty this place will be a perfect pre-wedding location for a couple to capture their moments of love and interest.

The above we stated the best photography points in Surat.

Not mistaken by the above information these stated places are the best place for a wedding photoshoot in surat too.


The Snap Photo a firm consisting of cinematographers based in Surat with a client base across every part of India who wants to get their most real and purest moments of a lifelong bond captured in the most surreal and expressive ways. Our process is quite authentic and that is why our results are quite artistic. Our vision to look at a location is quite special as we are one of the leading

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