About Us

We started our journey through baby steps because we always wanted our legacy to grow from scratch. Way back in 2003, when others were struggling to figure out how beautifully one can capture the priceless moments of their clients, our clients were already introduced to pure cinematic and storytelling experience. We have been in the business since 2003, and we have been capturing numerous memories and adding our perspective and sense of presentation to make these stories come alive through our cameras.

My name is Bhavesh Gohil and, I’m the founder of The Snap Photo Studio. We’re in this beautiful business since 2003 and, we have kept on exploring different ways to narrate stories of thousands of souls through shutter, clicks, and lenses.

Bhavesh Gohil


Being a core team member and handling our everyday-busy schedule through the backend is my favorite part of the day. Besides traveling, I like sharing ideas and create customized concepts for our clients with different needs for their pre-wedding, wedding, and other functions.

I believe as a female, we are blessed with a supercharged battery inside of us and so, even after a hectic backend work, I manage my time and help the team in props, photography, give my inputs for edits and help everyone deliver their best.

Together we and our team of The Snap Photo Studio delivers things that can be measured only beyond words because we capture the emotions that are beyond verbal expression.

Falu Gohil


What We Do

We are a professional  photography based company. We try to connect with emotions which brought us into covering the greatest emotion of all time

We offer:
1. Wedding
2. Pre-wedding Shoots
3. Candid Shoot
4. Couple Portraits
5. Engagement
6. New Born
7. Kids Portraits
8. Graduation Ceremony
9. Birthday
10. Babies & Kids
11. School Events
12. Fashion & Portfolio
13. Model Portfolio
14. Special Occasion
15. Anniversary
16. Maternity photography


We are a firm consisting of cinematographers with a client base overseas who wants to get their most real and purest moments of a lifelong bond captured in the most surreal and expressive ways. Our process is quite authentic. That’s why our results are quite artistic.
Mentioning about our team, it is a group of people full of life. The creativity and quality we offer to our clients are up to the mark. Be it Dubai, India, or any other country, our teamwork according to our client’s demands, expectations and prepare concepts accordingly so that our client gets nothing but the best.
We hold incredible expertise in pouring out the real emotion in a still frame that will narrate a love story without a single word. Having experience of 14 years in this field, we have become a family, a family that strives for perfection to capture the moment of emotion which you can cherish for the rest of your life.

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